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Terms of Service

ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members Terms of Service

ISSEY MIYAKE INC. (“Company”) hereby sets forth the following terms of service (“Terms”) for the services provided on “ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members” operated by the Company (“Services”).

Article 1: Scope of Application and Amendment of these Terms

  1. These Terms shall apply to the Company and to “Members” as defined in the next article with regard to use of the Services; Customers shall comply with these Terms in good faith when using the Services.
    1. When the particulars of the Services have changed or there are other sufficient grounds, the conditions set forth in these Terms may be amended in whole or in part by public announcement through publication on a Company website for Members (“Members Site”) or by other equivalent method (“Publication etc.”).
    2. When these Terms have been amended pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Terms as amended will apply to all use of the Services occurring on or after an effective date specified at the time of Publication etc. as in the preceding item.
  2. Member registration procedures shall be carried out personally by the individual seeking Member registration, on a Member registration page of the Members Site, and registration by others on behalf of such individual shall as a rule not be allowed.
  3. No enrollment fee or annual fee shall be charged for use of the Services.

Article 2: Members

  1. “Member” means any Customer that has entered the required matters on the Member registration page of the Members Site and thereupon completed the procedures.
  2. The Company shall issue Membership bar codes for the Services (“Membership Web Cards”) to Members, and Member IDs shall be shown on Membership Web Cards. The Member IDs shown on Membership Web Cards can be used only by the Members for which they were registered, and cannot be transferred or lent to anyone else.

Article 3: Management of Passwords

Customers shall strictly manage passwords under their own responsibility, and the Company shall not be held liable for any damage suffered by Customers as a result of use of passwords by others, regardless of whether there has been negligence on the part of such Customers.

Article 4: How to Use Membership Cards

  1. At the time of purchase of a product in a Members Store designated by the Company, points will be added upon presentation of a Membership Web Cards; provided, however, that for a product etc. for which an advance order is placed, points will be added at the time payment is settled.
    Members Stores shall be the shops designated on the following webpages.
  2. Points will be added only if a Membership Web Cards is presented before purchase. Please be advised that points cannot be added if a Membership Web Cards is presented after purchase.

Article 5: Member Benefits

  1. Promotions for Members
    Members will be given priority when the Company sends various promotional information, direct mails and email newsletters.
  2. Points Discounts
    1. Except in certain exceptional cases, points will be awarded to the sale price (excluding sales tax) of the purchased product(s) in accordance with a point award rate separately specified by the Company.
    2. When accumulated points have reached 100, a points discount of 100 yen per 100 points can be applied to the product sale price (including sales tax) for the next purchase or any purchase thereafter.
      Points will be subtracted from the accumulated points at the time of their use.
    3. Other
      Points will not be awarded for shipping costs, alteration costs, packing costs, products designated by the Company, or the like.
      Points can be validly awarded for purchases using cash, credit, gift card, or any other method of payment.
      Accumulated points cannot be liquidated for cash.
      Accumulated points cannot be transferred or lent to third parties.
      When a product has been returned, a number of points equivalent to those already added for such product will be subtracted.
      Accumulated points can be used only in physical stores, and cannot be used in online stores etc.
      It is not possible to combine or consolidate the points on multiple different Membership Web Cards.
      Accumulated points shall expire if not used within one year of the last purchase date.
      Accumulated points will become invalid when a Member has forfeited Member eligibility or cancelled membership.

Article 6: Amendment of Registered Matters

When there has been a change to a registered address, name, phone number, email address, or other such matter of a Customer, the relevant Customer shall personally amend such matters on an amendment page of the Members Site.

Article 7: Prohibitions

When using the Services, Members shall not engage in conduct that falls under or is deemed by the Company to fall under any of the following items. In the event that a Member is discovered to have engaged in such conduct, the Company may suspend such Member’s use of the Services or cause such Member to forfeit Member registration. In addition, such Member may be denied readmission thereafter.
  1. Performing Member registration multiple times for the same person;
  2. Causing or allowing a third party other than the Member to use the Services;
  3. Conduct in breach of these Terms;
  4. Conduct that violates laws and regulations or is connected with criminal acts, or that is likely to do/be so;
  5. Fraud or intimidation against the Company or other users of the Services;
  6. Conduct that is or is likely to be contrary to public order and morality;
  7. Registering information containing material that is false or likely to invite misunderstanding;
  8. Conduct that infringes or is likely to infringe the Company’s intellectual property rights (including violations of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act);
  9. Conduct that impedes the operation of the Services or the Company’s other business activities, or that is likely to do so;
  10. Conduct that is or is likely to be injurious to the Company’s brand image or reputation; and
  11. Other conduct that the Company reasonably determines to be inappropriate.

Article 8: Membership Cancellation

Members shall be entitled to cancel their memberships at any time, and when cancelling their memberships, shall personally complete the procedures on a membership cancellation page of the Members Site.

Article 9: Handling of Personal Information

The Company will handle Customer personal information learned in connection with the Services in accordance with a “Privacy Policy” set forth separately by the Company.

Article 10: Ownership of Copyrights etc.

All copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights for images, designs and the like published on the Members Site shall belong to the Company or to other lawful rights holders such as copyright holders, and Customers shall not engage in conduct infringing such rights.

Article 11: Suspension or Cancellation of Services

  1. The Company shall be entitled to suspend or cancel the provision of the Services in whole or in part, without advance notice to Customers, in any of the following cases.
    1. In the case of emergency system inspection or maintenance;
    2. If it has become difficult to provide the Services due to natural calamity, war, terrorism, rioting, epidemic, or other societal unrest;
    3. If it has become difficult to provide the Services as a result of failure, improper operation, excessive concentration of access, unauthorized third-party access, computer virus infection or the like of/to systems;
    4. If there has been a request pursuant to legitimate grounds from an administrative or judicial body; or
    5. If the Company otherwise reasonably determines that the suspension or cancellation of service is unavoidably necessary.
  2. The Company does not guarantee that the Services will be available at all times, including in the cases of the preceding paragraph.

Article 12: Disclaimer

  1. The Company will bear no liability whatsoever with regard to whether application information received from Customers reaches the Company’s computer systems, or with regard to whether application information that has reached the Company’s computer systems is the same as the application information transmitted by Customers.
  2. When a Member has suffered damage due to willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the Company, the Company will be liable therefor in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  3. The Company will be liable for damage suffered by Members due to causes attributable to the Company (excluding willful misconduct or gross negligence), limited to direct and ordinary damage actually suffered by such Members (and therefore not including damage arising due to special circumstances).

Article 13: General Provisions

  1. All communication and all notifications between Members and the Company with regard to the Services shall be conducted by a method designated separately by the Company.
  2. When the Company has communicated or sent notification to an email address or other contact information included in registered information, the relevant Customer shall be deemed to have received such communication or notification.
  3. These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  4. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance for all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms.
  5. The Japanese version of these Terms shall be the official version hereof, and in the event of a textual discrepancy between the Japanese version and a translation into another language, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Enacted: February 1, 2021




第1条 本条款的适用范围及变更

  1. 本条款适用于使用本服务相关的我司及下一条所定义的会员,客户在使用本服务时应诚实遵守本条款
    1. 对于本条款规定的条件,当本服务的内容发生变更或存在其他与此相当的事由时,通过在我司会员网站(以下简称“会员网站”)上登载进行公布或以其他与此相当的方法(以下简称“公布等”)使其为公众所知后,可变更其全部或部分内容。
    2. 基于前项规定变更本条款时,对于在前项的公布等所规定的生效日之后利用本服务的,适用变更后的本条款。
  2. 会员注册手续应由希望注册会员的本人在会员网站内的会员注册页面进行,原则上不认可由本人之外的人所进行的注册
  3. 本服务不收取入会费及年会费。

第2条 会员

  1. 会员是指在会员网站的会员注册页面输入必要的事项、手续办理完毕的客户。
  2. 我司对会员发行本服务会员条形码(以下简称“会员证”),会员证上记载会员用户名。记载了会员用户名的会员证仅限于进行了注册的会员使用,不得进行转让和出借。

第3条 密码管理


第4条 会员证的使用方法

  1. 在我司指定的会员制适用店购买商品时,通过出示会员证可以累计积分。但,对于预约商品等,在完成结算时累计积分。
  2. 仅限于在购买前出示会员证的情况下累计积分。在购买后即使出示会员证也不累计积分,敬请知悉。

第5条 会员特别优惠

  1. 面向会员的各种介绍
  2. 积分折扣
    1. 除部分例外情况,对于购买商品的价款(不包括消费税),按照我司另行制定的积分比例赋予积分。
    2. 累积积分达到100积分时,在此之后的购物中可以按照每100积分从商品价款(包括消费税)中减去100日元的方式使用积分。使用积分时,从累积积分中进行扣除。
    3. 其他

第6条 变更注册事项


第7条 禁止事项

  1. 一人注册多个会员的行为
  2. 由本人之外的第三人进行使用的行为
  3. 违反本条款的行为
  4. 违反法律法规的行为或与犯罪行为有关的行为,或存在该等风险的行为
  5. 欺诈或恐吓我司或本服务的其他用户的行为
  6. 违反公序良俗的行为,或存在该风险的行为
  7. 将含有虚假或可能导致误解的内容的信息进行注册的行为
  8. 侵害我司的知识产权的行为(包括违反反不正当竞争法),或存在该等风险的行为
  9. 妨碍本服务的运营或其他我司经营活动的行为,或存在该风险的行为
  10. 任何损害我司品牌形象或信誉的行为,或存在该风险的行为
  11. 其他我司合理判断为不适当的行为

第8条 退会


第9条 个人信息处理


第10条 著作权的归属


第11条 本服务的停止及中止

  1. 出现以下各项任一情形时,我司有权不事先通知客户而停止或中止提供全部或部分的本服务。
    1. 紧急进行系统检查或维护工作时
    2. 由于自然灾害或战争、恐怖袭击、暴动、疫情等社会不安因素,导致提供本服务变得困难时
    3. 由于系统故障、错误操作、过度集中访问、第三方的不正当访问或计算机病毒的感染等,导致提供本服务变得困难时
    4. 被行政机关、司法机关基于正当依据提出要求时
    5. 其他我司合理判断为不得不停止或中止本服务的情形
  2. 包括前款规定的情形在内,我司不保证本服务随时可以使用。

第12条 免责

  1. 我司对于客户发送的申请信息是否到达我司的计算机系统,以及到达我司计算机系统的申请信息与客户发送的申请信息是否一致不承担任何责任。
  2. 因我司的故意或者过失导致会员遭受损失时,我司根据相关法律法规承担该责任。
  3. 对于应归责于我司的事由(故意或重大过失除外)导致会员遭受损失时,我司仅限于对会员实际遭受的通常而且直接的损失(因此,不包括因特殊情况所遭受的损失)承担责任。

第13条 一般条款

  1. 与本服务相关的会员与我司之间的联络或者通知,均按照我司另行指定的方法进行。
  2. 我司向注册信息中的电子邮件或者其他联系方式发出联络或者通知时,视为客户收到该联络或者通知。
  3. 本条款适用日本法。
  4. 关于起因于或与本条款相关的所有纠纷,东京地方法院为一审专属协议管辖法院。
  5. 本条款正本为日文文本,如果与其他语言的翻译文本之间存在不一致的,应优先适用日文文本。

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