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Privacy Policy

ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members Privacy Policy

ISSEY MIYAKE INC. (“Company”) believes in the importance of its trust relationship with customers and fully acknowledges the protection of customer privacy as an essential foundation for that relationship. The Company sets forth this ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to ensure that customer Personal Information is handled with care whenever customers use the services provided on ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members (“Services”), and will strive at all times for the appropriate handling and secure management of customer Personal Information in accordance herewith.

Article 1: Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines

When operating the Services, the Company will collect, use and otherwise handle Personal Information (i.e., “Personal Information” as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Act”)) in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act, other relevant laws and regulations, guidelines stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Commission, and this Privacy Policy.

Article 2: Collected Personal Information and Method of Collection

The Personal Information collected by the Company on the Services will be as indicated below for each corresponding collection method. Moreover, the customer-related information collected by the Company on the ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members website (“Website”) includes cookies and other information that cannot identify an individual by itself, but even this information will be handled as Personal Information when it is possible to identify a specific individual by cross-referencing such information against other information in the Company’s possession.

  1. Information Directly Provided by Customers
    For Member registration on the Website, the Company may request the provision of customer Personal Information including mainly:
    • Information related to customer profiles, such as name, date of birth, and sex;
    • Information related to customer contact information, such as email address, telephone number, and mailing address; and
    • Information entered or transmitted by customers via entry forms at the time of registration.
    In addition, when customers make requests as set forth in Article 5, the Company will request the provision of identity verification documents with a view to preventing identity theft, and on such occasion will collect the customer Personal Information specified on such documents.
  2. Information Automatically Collected by the Company
    Each time a customer accesses the Website, the Company will automatically collect information related to the circumstances of access and the method of use of the Website. This will include the following information.
    • IP address
    • Information recorded by cookies

Article 3: Purposes of Use

  1. The Company will use the customer Personal Information collected in connection with provision of the Services mainly for the purposes set forth in the items below (“Purposes of Use”).
    1. To send/transmit Company products, services, sales and/or campaign information, and questionnaires, etc. by direct mail, email or the like;
    2. To provide and maintain Company products and services (including acceptance of Member registration and identity verification related to the Services), and to improve such products and services;
    3. To create and use statistical data in which Personal Information has been collected, analyzed, and processed to such an extent that no individual can be identified;
    4. To respond to inquiries, complaints, requests and the like related to the Services;
    5. To respond to conduct in violation of the Company’s ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Members Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) in relation to the Services; and
    6. To notify customers of amendments to the Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy, etc.
  2. The Purposes of Use of the items of the preceding paragraph may be amended only to an extent that can reasonably be considered relevant to the Purposes of Use prior to amendment. In such case, the Company make announcements in accordance with Article 8.

Article 4: Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. The Company may provide customer Personal Information to third parties in cases falling under any of the following items.
    1. In cases pursuant to laws and regulations;
    2. In cases of provision to third parties with the consent or at the instruction of the relevant customer;
    3. In cases where, in connection with the operation or other business of the Services, the handling of Personal Information is outsourced in whole or in part to an extent necessary to achieve the Purposes of Use; and
    4. In addition to the preceding items, in cases granted under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations.
  2. When providing customer Personal Information to a relevant service provider under Item (3) of the preceding paragraph, the Company will provide necessary and appropriate oversight to ensure that such service provider manages customer Personal Information safely.

Article 5: Procedures for Requests Related to Customer Personal Information

  1. The Company will handle through the inquiry contact point of Article 6, in accordance with the procedures specified in this article, any requests that customers personally make pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act for (i) notification of the purposes of use of, (ii) disclosure of, (iii) correction, addition or deletion of the content of, (iv) suspension of use or erasure of, or (v) suspension of provision to third parties of, any retained personal data (i.e., “retained personal data” as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 7 of the Personal Information Protection Act) identifying such customers that has been collected by the Company (“Subject Personal Information”; such requests collectively “Disclosure etc. Requests”). Please note that customers must specify the relevant Subject Personal Information when making a Disclosure etc. Request.
  2. When Disclosure etc. Requests as in the preceding paragraph are received, a copy of the relevant customer’s personal driver’s license, passport, or other document designated by the Company must be mailed to the inquiry contact point of Article 6 as an identity verification document to confirm that the request was in fact made by such customer. The procedures for the Disclosure etc. Request will move forward without delay once the identity verification is completed using such document.
  3. Please be advised that notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 1, the Company may not be able to comply with customer requests in respect of Subject Personal Information in the case where the Company cannot comply or is permitted not to comply with such requests under laws and regulations, or in the case where the Company’s retention period for the Subject Personal Information has already passed.

Article 6: Contact Point for Inquiries and Complains Concerning Handling of Personal Information

For inquiries and complaints related to the handling of customer Personal Information, please contact to the following contact point.

Contact Points for Inquiries:
• By Mail
Issey Miyake Inc.
Customer Service
1-12-10 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8554

• By Online Form
Please use the inquiry form available at the bottom of the following pages.

Article 7: Use of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used on the Website to ascertain the state of use of the Website. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect customer information. The collected information will be managed in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy. By disabling cookies, it is possible to refuse collection through these functions; please check your browser settings.

Article 8: Privacy Policy Amendment Procedures

The Company may amend this Privacy Policy if necessary. In such case, the effective date and particulars of the Privacy Policy as amended will be announced by indication on the Website or by other appropriate method, or will be communicated to customers directly.

Enacted: February 1, 2021

Enterprise Handling Personal Information:
Issey Miyake Inc.
Hiroki Kaito, Representative Director
1-12-10 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo




第1条 遵守法律法规及准则


第2条 取得的个人信息及取得方法


  1. 由客户直接提供的信息
    • 姓名、出生日期、性别等有关客户个人资料的信息
    • 电子邮箱、电话号码、住址等有关客户联系方式的信息
    • 客户通过注册时的输入表单输入或发送的信息
  2. 我司自动取得的信息
    • IP地址
    • Cookie的记录信息

第3条 使用目的

  1. 我司主要为了以下各项规定的目的(以下简称“使用目的”)而使用因提供本服务而取得的客户的个人信息。
    1. 为了通过直邮、电子邮件等方式发送我司商品、服务、促销、活动、问卷调查等
    2. 为了我司商品、服务的提供以及维护(包括关于本服务的会员注册受理以及本人确认),以及其改善
    3. 为了搜集、分析个人信息,制作及利用已加工至无法识别个人程度的统计数据
    4. 为了应对本服务相关咨询及投诉等
    5. 为了应对违反本服务相关的我司三宅一生有限公司会员使用条款(以下简称“本使用条款”)的行为
    6. 为了就本使用条款或本隐私政策的变更等通知客户
  2. 前款各项的使用目的仅在与变更前的使用目的的关联性被合理认可的范围内进行变更。届时,我司将按照第8条告知公众。

第4条 向第三方披露个人信息

  1. 如符合以下各项任一情形时,我司可能会向第三方提供客户的个人信息。
    1. 依据法律法规时
    2. 根据客户的同意或指示向第三方提供时
    3. 与本服务的运营及其他业务相关,在为了达到使用目的的必要范围内,将个人信息处理的部分或全部进行委托时
    4. 除以上各项外,个人信息保护法及其他法律法规认可的情形时
  2. 我司根据前款第3项向受托方提供客户的个人信息时,我司进行必要且妥善的监督,以使受托方安全管理客户的个人信息。

第5条 关于客户个人信息的各种申请手续

  1. 我司就我司取得的保有个人信息(指个人信息保护法第2条第7款定义的保有个人信息)中可以识别客户(以下简称“对象个人信息”)的,客户本人根据个人信息保护法的规定进行①使用目的的通知、②对象个人信息的披露、③对象个人信息内容的修改、追加或删除、④对象个人信息的使用停止或删除、或⑤关于停止向第三方提供对象个人信息的申请(以下统称“披露等申请”),根据本条规定的手续,于第6条规定的咨询窗口进行。另外,在进行披露等申请时,需要确定对象个人信息。
  2. 就我司受理前款规定的披露等申请时,为了确认是客户本人进行的申请,需要将客户本人的驾照、护照或其他我司规定的文件的复印件作为确认本人身份文件邮寄至第6条规定的咨询窗口。我司通过该文件确认完是本人后,将及时推进该披露等申请的手续。
  3. 无论第1款的规定如何,关于客户申请的对象个人信息,如存在根据法律法规我司无法处理该申请或被认定可以不处理该申请的情况,或者就该对象个人信息已超过我司保管期限时,我司可能无法处理客户的申请,敬请理解。

第6条 关于个人信息处理的咨询及投诉联系处


• 邮寄咨询
邮政编码 151-8554

• 表单咨询

第7条 Google Analytics的使用

为了掌握本网站的使用情况,本网站使用Google Analytics。Google Analytics使用Cookie收集客户的信息。被收集的信息根据Google公司的隐私政策进行管理。另外,该功能可以通过将Cookie设定为无效来拒绝收集,请客户确认所使用的浏览器的设定。

第8条 隐私政策的变更手续


【 2021 年 2 月 1 日制定】

代表董事 Hiroki Kaito